Are You Preparing to Meet A Lawyer to Plead Your Case?

Any criminal cases can be very complicated one and if you are ever prosecuted for any kind of criminal offense then you need to meet a suitable lawyer, who can plead your case very effectively. It is always better to choose a lawyer based on his competence and not based on what price that he is quoting for his service. Hiring a cheap lawyer is not only waste of your money and effort, but also it can create plenty of havoc in your life. Your first meeting with lawyer is very important and if you are not well prepared then lawyer may reject to take up your case.

Here are few tips for meeting any criminal defense lawyer to plead your case.

  • Initial meeting to understand the role of lawyer

Your lawyer will work completely as your advocate. That is only possible if he understands completely about your situation and also knows who you are. Lawyer not only needs to know about you, but also know how much you are aware about the circumstances under which you have been charged.

You can expect him to ask you many questions not only related to the case, but also about you, your family, your education, employment and past criminal record. You may expect many questions from him that can reveal about your character. This will help your lawyer to represent you in perfect manner.

  • Questions that your lawyer may ask

In order to probe the case, the lawyer has to ask you many questions, he may try to know exactly what you heard, saw or did during the crime. What did you say and to whom you said. Whether anyone else also involved in the crime? What other people said during the crime? Your lawyer would also like to know about the action of the police officer and may ask you following questions.

  1. When Police arrested were you present in crime scene?
  2. How Police officer approached you?
  3. What did Police say while arresting?
  4. What Police did after arresting you?

These questions may appear awkward to you, but you must cooperate with him as based on your answer he will understand the case and decide about defense mechanism and witnesses etc.

  • Lawyer may need many other information too

Lawyer would also like to know about following

  1. Any documents related to arrest
  2. Bail documentation if any
  3. Copy of police report. If any search was done in your premise then its report
  4. Any witnesses and their contact numbers.
  • Questions that you have to ask to your lawyer

Following are few questions that you must ask to your lawyer

  1. What kind of cases you mostly deal with?
  2. What were their results?
  3. Can you help me in my case?
  4. What I should do or not do so that my case is not damaged further?
  5. How long the case will continue?
  6. Do you see any problem in the case?
  7. What can be best and worst outcome of this case?
  8. What is the fee and at what stage they are to be paid?
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